Ray Kelly, Ed Winksi Promoted Gene Schatz

Ray Kelly, Ed Winksi Promoted Gene Schatz
The Real Ray Kelly his Community Affairs Poster Boy Gene Schatz

Monday, August 19, 2013

Benjamin Todd Jealous NAACP Says Commish Kelly's NYPD has to Violate the US Constituent to Keep Us Safe


I went to the First Precinct and reported a crime.  The NYPD fixed it and than Internal Affairs fixed for the corrupt cops.   Commish Kelly ignored emails, Fed Exed, wrote him and handed him a Justice Card outlining the fact the NYPD fixed this violent crime.  FYI -- the NYPD officers that fixed this violent crime so far to my knowledge are not black yet their behavior is criminal and in my Fed Ex I gave commissioner Ray Kelly an idea to build bridges with the community and he ignored that as well outlined in my lawsuit below called Project Hope and Project Peace that would also build the economic growth for these neighborhoods mired in violence.

The NYPD officers and IAB responsible for fixing this crime have nothing to fear because the NYPD act like a criminal organization fixing a violent crime at Dr Andrew Fagelman's.

Note if you have a complaint against Internal Affairs guess who you have to complain to?
Internal Affairs.  Enough said NYPD and Internal Affairs are corrupt political machines and they gave me a first hand lesson fixing the beginning of a violent crime you see below.


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